Bucksburn in Bloom was born from our love of gardening & seeing our area of Aberdeen start to look good. We know that this would not happen overnight or would it be easy.
We are a new group that has awards from Beautiful Scotland, Aberden in Bloom & more recently we hold a RHS Bronze Medal for our flower bed we designed & built at the 2010 RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, we hope to improve on this in future years, as we hope to improve our area.
We could not do this without the help of volunteers, who give thier time freely & we welcome every new volunteer that wishes to join.
Every area or floral design/planting we achive is only possible through sponsorship & donations from local companies.
With being a new group we have plenty of areas that are in need of work to improve them.

Our Last 2 RHS Flower Beds
  • When Bucksburn Met the Highlander

  • Scotland's Homecoming

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2010
Gracie, the highland cow from the 1600's Bucksburn in Bloom is now in it's 3rd year & already we have amounted a good array of awards, as you will see on the awards page. We hope not just only to keep improving on these awards, but also try to improve the area we live in. Bucksburn is 4 miles from the centre of Aberdeen & 1 mile from Aberdeen Airport, our aim is to help keep our area clean & tidy & with all area's that we have around Bucksburn that could be improved not just for the people visiting the area but for the good people who live & work in Bucksburn. There are a lot of area's that would benefit, with the help of volunteers & the good people of Bucksburn all working together to make Bucksburn a beautiful place to live & a place to be proud of. with time & volunteers, one of the key ingredients, we feel that we will get there.

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